Clearing the Cobwebs

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much clutter is in my head at times.  From the moment I wake up in the morning til I fall asleep at night, my brain is constantly going, constantly thinking.  And I know that that is it’s job, and I’m thankful that it functions so well!  But there are definitely times when it’s a good idea to quiet our minds, to rest our brains so to speak.

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Starting Young

When I was in high school, we were required to fill a certain number of community service hours. I went to a Catholic high school, so this criteria was no surprise. But Catholic high school or not, I think it’s a good requirement. It puts kids out of their comfort zone, gives them something different to do, and something selfless they can take pride in. Continue reading “Starting Young”

Fun opportunities to help a cause

As a volunteer in my local community I can’t tell you how much I appreciate when local businesses contribute. Sometimes I’ll help collect donations from local businesses. You feel a little bit like a salesperson, but in my last post I talk about how maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Especially if it’s for a good cause. Helping people connect with their ‘why’ is really important! One business I absolutely adore for their commitment to our community is Continue reading “Fun opportunities to help a cause”

Learning to be Better

Since fundraising is such a fundamental part of charity organizations, make sense to me that they might benefit from training in sales. I think a lot of times people cringe when they hear the world word salesman. But, the association of a cringe worthy thought when we hear salesperson, in my belief, is based on the Hollywood version of that profession. In fact, I think it’s fair to say we are all sales people.  Continue reading “Learning to be Better”

Learning How We Can Help

Recently I volunteered to help do some fundraising for a local charity that I started working with at the beginning of the year. I’m a natural people person and I love talking to people. I felt comfortable with the idea of calling business owners and talking to them about their previous donations and if they were interested in donating in the future. And, confession time, back in the day I worked for public television and radio fielding calls and even -gasp- making a few to raise funds.  Continue reading “Learning How We Can Help”