Volunteering for volunteering’s sake

When I was in high school, I really wanted to work as a candy striper at my local hospital. I wanted to be the person who brought flowers to patient’s rooms and bring a smile to their faces. I found out that those are the most coveted volunteering jobs in the hospital, so I ended up in escort services, where I took patient’s by wheelchair to their car’s. I found that I really liked this too; patient’s were always happy to see me because it meant that they got to go home! I got to see new babies, elderly people and everyone in between.

I firmly believe that volunteering is a must for everyone, and not just because it looks good on a resume. I also volunteered at my local Red Cross and at an elementary school after my day in high school was done. I did it not for accolades or for a pat on the back but because I wanted to do something useful, something significant that would help people in some way.

What are you passionate about? There are always babies at the hospital’s needing to be rocked, or reading to children at a school or library, volunteering at a nursing home; there are so many opportunities out there for people who want to reach out and help someone. Yes there are times you have to step out of your comfort zone, I found that to be true at the hospital at times, but overall, the experience really enriched my life and helped me to understand that there was a much bigger world out there than the bubble I lived in.

Go online and see if there is a way to connect your passion to a cause or a mission; I can guarantee you will be glad you did!

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